After Keyshia Cole was arrested for punching a woman she found at her then boyfriend Birdman’s home, it was discovered that there was already a bench warrant for her arrest and that she was on probation for over 10 years, TMZ reports.

Back in 2002, the “Let It Go” singer was charged with a DUI and had attended mandatory alcohol education classes. The court was not notified of her completion of the classes, so they issued a bench warrant for her arrest. Her lawyer, Shawn Holley, claims that she finished the course but her previous lawyer did not let the courts know. However, Holley says the DMV must have been informed because she has been issued two driver’s licenses since then.

Since the Oakland native was unknowingly on probation, the judge voided the 13-year-old bench warrant and terminated her probation. If he did not, Cole would have had to serve 30 days in jail.