If you didn’t know there was such a thing as a $100,000 bottle of water, you’re not the only one. Neither did 2 Chainz or Diplo, but the two found out with a taste test on the newest episode of 2 Chainz’s GQ web series Most Expensivest Sh*t. And, well, they weren’t entirely impressed.

Doing a tasting with a “water sommelier,” they learned about what goes in to some different designer waters before the expert busts out a bottle of water with a 14-carat diamond top on it.

“Ever been robbed for water before?” 2 Chainz jokes to the sommelier.

Later, he gives his review: “The most expensivest water when you can just drink rain,” says 2 Chainz. “It almost seems like if you put a diamond on something, they gonna run up the tab on you.”

He ended with a shout out to Diplo, saying, “both of us have an acquired expensive taste, neither of us believe you should pay $100,000 for a bottle of water.”

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