Creating a catchy Hip Hop moniker can be tough. While many have chosen to use an acronym, initials or a nickname from their childhood, DJ Jazzy Jeff (born Jeffrey Townes) chose the most frugal option.

During a recent interview with The Huffington Post, Jazzy Jeff explains how he was almost Mix Master Jeff.

“Back then, everybody’s tag had their name in it. My name used to be Mix Master Jeff, so to promote your name, you would go to the store to get your name out on your shirt, and it was pretty much 50 cents a letter,” Jeff recalled. “Mix Master Jeff is really, really long. I shortened it to Jazzy Jeff because that was a little bit easier on my pocket.”

Mix Master Jeff and The Fresh Prince may have actually worked. By the late 80s, Jeff’s career – alongside Will Smith –had taken off, so he probably could’ve afforded to print any name he wanted on to apparel.

As for reuniting with his pal from West Philadelphia, Jazzy Jeff says the ball is in Will’s court. “We’ve been talking a lot. Our biggest thing has always been time,” Jeff explained. “Whenever he’s ready, I’m ready.”