Ludacris’ ex-girlfriend has just penned an open letter sharing her side of the custody battle involving herself and her ex.

She not only blasted Ludacris, but made her case when it comes to why she deserved to at the very least have a co-custody of the child.

“He used the legal system as revenge, to spite me. This man never visited our daughter, never called to inquire about her well-being, and never even sent her a gift until the court battle began. You want me to believe that a man who turned down an invitation to witness the birth of our daughter has unexpectedly developed such deep-rooted paternal feelings that he feels compelled to take her out of my arms at night for 20 days out of the month?”

She continued.

“Even more callous, he knows I cry myself to sleep without her in my bed at night, the pain of her absence overwhelming. I try to call just to hear her voice, but he directs my calls to voicemail. He warned me that he would resent me for not having the abortion, and that’s what I saw in that courtroom. I didn’t see a man who loved his child so much that he wanted custody. I saw a man who hated his child’s mother so much that he would take custody away from her.”

Wow. Do you think she has a point?

In January, Fuller lost full custody of the child after an ugly battle in court.