Kylie Jenner has been staking her claim HARD with Tyga in recent months, all but confirming that their “friendship” is far more than that and making attempts sending Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna the message that she is, and intends to stay, his current situation.

But young Kylizzle is now getting nervous that since Tyga sees bestie Wiz mending his broken relationship with Amber and watching firsthand as his good friends patch their family back together, he might be inclined to give it another go with his ex. As a source shared with HollywoodLife:

“Wiz and Amber getting back together has made Kylie super paranoid. Blac Chyna has been taunting Kylie about it, sending her messages, saying that she’s going to get Tyga back too, that she’s a real woman, and he’ll eventually come back to her. Kylie’s very worried. It’s causing major drama for them, which is exactly what Blac Chyna wants.”

The source also says Kylie looks at Blac Chyna — with all her curves, piercings, tattoos, and womanliness — and is scared she can’t measure up to what Tyga is really attracted to without some serious effort. Hence why things like her new booty and her recently-pierced nipples are coming into play at such an early age:

“Kylie loves to get Tyga’s attention. Kylie is terribly intimidated by his ex, Blac Chyna, and always feels like she has to compete with her. Chyna is this voluptuous, sexy woman who has made a name for herself with her provocative look. Kylie feels like she has to do outrageous things with her looks to keep Tyga interested.”