There are typically feathered headpieces, accents and accessories, but this year there will be an absence of the usual number of feathered costumes – and quite a number of disappointed Carnival patrons.

Bacchanal Jamaica advised eager Carnival goers that they will not be able to properly complete a number of costumes requiring feather for this year’s event as a result of a “sudden ban” by the Agriculture Ministry on the importation of poultry and poultry products.

The ban has been instituted because of a bird flu outbreak in a number of states in the US.

“We receive a permit every year from the Veterinary Division in order to bring in our feathers. Recently we were informed, that despite the fact that the feathers we had sourced had as usual, been fully sterilised and certified to world standards by the US Department of Agriculture, we would not be able to bring them to Jamaica. The ban was applied with immediate effect and no prior notice,” said Bacchanal Jamaica on social media.

“In fact there is a ban on all feathers regardless of the origin, so it has been impossible for us to make any other arrangements,” the statement continued.

Bacchanal Jamaica organisers informed that they would be working hard to provide the best possible costumes under the circumstances.