Popular reggae artiste Chronixx has put himself in a bit of hot water after he made a controversial statement on social media.

The Instagram post which has been removed coincided with the visit of US president Barack Obama to Jamaica and seemed to imply that the entertainer was referring to the POTUS as a ‘waste man’.

This is what Chronixx Posted:

“This man … Still have criminal record on the United States and we glorifying some waste man! This man was hunted and imprisoned by our Jamaican government … who some years later, paved a peaceful and safe path for the US president to address as a … “race of good for nothing’s”. That’s why black faces don’t mean anything to rasta anymore”

A few months ago Chronixx also seemingly ruffled the feathers of Culture Minister, Lisa Hanna with his use of the words ‘dumb government‘ in another social media post.