Dancehall producer Tarik “Russian” Johnston, after praising the US president’s visit to Jamaica, used social media to blast reggae artiste Chronixx.

This comes on the heels of Chronixx’s controversial “waste man” Instagram post that coincided with the visit of US president Barack Obama. Chronixx accused Jamaicans of glorifying a “waste man”, a derogatory term meaning a person who generally wastes time and achieves nothing.

Johnston indicated that he may not be the “biggest Obama Supporter” but, given that Chronixx claims to be a man of “voice” and a “Rasta”, the producer believes the singer should practice “unity” instead of “division”.

The young producer then accused Chronixx of giving Jamaicans a “bad name”.

“You’re also glorying Marcus Garvey, just like President Obama he has flaws (he did his little black star line Ponzi scheme) but No man is perfect,” said Johnston.

“A you shoulda name ‘Mr perfect’,” added the frequent Vybz Kartel-collaborator.

The music producer didn’t stop there. He added that it was ironic that Chronixx performed on the Jimmy Fallon show.

“Better watch you mouth before you lose the US Visa and won’t be able to count the US dollars,” Russian stressed, adding “Also. If you stand by your words. Why you delete the post? You just sell yourself short. Doesn’t take a Rasta to bun a fire.”

The 26 year-old producer revealed that his father is a Rasta and he grew up being a part of that culture.