While Kanye is busy gracing the cover of the magazine, Kim is being talked about by Martha Stewart on the inside pages. Stewart offered an explanation as to why Kim is the “First Lady of #Fame”:

“Beautiful in an exotic, totally exaggerated way, Kim exudes energy, sexuality, drama, determination, impetuousness and happiness,” Steward writes. “But she and her famous, entrepreneurial siblings – shepherded by a savvy, tireless matriarch – have also expanded the very definition of family.

“…Despite the flamboyance, the self-aggrandizement and the self-promotion (Kim set out to break the internet by baring her bum in an extraordinary photograph), Kim comes across as an enviable big sister in a clan where everyone seems to love one another. Are they indeed today’s Brady Bunch?”

With that said, it’s obvious the Kardashian-West family is doing their thing and making their mark whether it be with ogle-worthy photos or intense music.

The influential roundup isn’t all Kardashian-West everything, though. Other familiar faces honored in the list include Malala Yousafzai, Kevin Hart, Misty Copeland, President Barack Obama, Lee Daniels, Laverne Cox, Audra McDonald, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and more.