A student-led organization at the University of Michigan is bringing Common to campus this week for a good cause.

MUSIC Matters is slated to hold its fourth-annual Spring Festival tomorrow (April 17).

This year, MUSIC, which stands for Michigan Undergrads Serving In the Community, chose Common to headline the benefit concert. The student organization plans to raise funds for Detroit’s inner-city youth to attend a leadership camp in 2016.

In years past, MUSIC Matters has brought J. Cole, Ben Folds and 2 Chainz on campus.

Madeleine Chone, Talent & Concert chair of MUSIC Matters recently told The Huffington Post that she believes Common is the most appropriate artist for their mission.

“We really want to use the platform to give a voice to someone who speaks in the community in an effective and engaging way and I really can’t think of someone more powerful than Common right now,” Chone said. “Not just right now. Throughout his legacy, he’s been one of the most cohesive forces in Hip-Hop and just an inspiration in terms of that. His artistry expands so much farther than Hip Hop. The way he’s demonstrated to the public is just inspiring and the truths he speaks he really acts out. ”

MUSIC Matter’s benefit concert will be held at the Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor, Michigan.