“From nothing to something” Over the years this has been the slogan for one of dancehall’s stalwart, David Brooks, AKA Mavado and he is still reaping in the rewards from his success as he goes international.

The peak of Mavado’s career came during the Vybz Kartel fued but he opted to speak about this during an interview at The Breakfast Club. He addressed the fued that was subsequently squashed, but still left a host of people, both locally and internationally, segregated.

There was even a time when the fued was a bit personal as there were accusations of shootings. Mavado regarded this by saying “real recognize real”. He further went on to say they are both legends who had great influence on the Dancehall industry and that the fued was nothing serious.

During the interview Mavado was asked about a feature that is currently being mastered by TJ Records. This feature is for the Gully Gad’s song ‘Ain’t Going Back Broke’ and the special artist who it will be featuring is incarcerated deejay, Vybz Kartel.

When asked how the song was voiced by Vybz Kartel, Mavado responded “you know we just link TJ enuh, TJ always have a way fi mek d magic happen” [WATCH AT 2:48 seconds]. It is no secret that Addi Innocent has been dropping hits since his incarceration but this was brushed off by Producer Rvssian, and others who said that the songs were already voiced and were just awaiting release.

What does Mavado mean by this?

Is Vybz Kartel being allowed to record songs behind bars while serving his life sentence?