The final day of this year’s Coachella festival ended with both a bang and a whimper. The former came from the fireworks that marked the end of the massive two-weekend event. And the whimper? Blame headliner Drake, who, despite acknowledgement from his camp that his first-week set was nearly universally seen as disappointing, with-or-without the awkward Madonna appearance, the closing of the second week performance was even worse. By all accounts Drake underwhelmed in every way possible, making very apparent that the Toronto rapper and singer is not yet ready for a stage this big.

Just as last week, Drizzy was mostly-alone on stage, save for an extremely brief, awkward appearance from Nicki Minaj, who for a short second looked like she was going to break up the tedium, only to be introduced, give Drake a hug, have him say a few sentences about how he had a crush on her…and then send her on her way, without even a mic-check “hello.” A mid-set slowdown brought the already-slagging proceedings to a near-halt; by the time he reprised the opening song, “Legend,” to close the show, what originally felt charming was now just plain disappointing.

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