At the recent staging of the hugely popular Coachella music festival R&B/ Pop diva Beyonce chose to display her love of Jamaica’s culture through her wardrobe.

Beyonce’s outfit consisted of the iconic image of Bob Marley’s face imprinted on her top with a skirt that mimicked the colours and pattern of the Jamaican flag.

In the past there has been some amount of outrage over the use of the Jamaican flag which was burnt in a car commercial which was quickly yanked from the air. The island’s own athletes have been chastised for wrapping themselves in the flag which sometimes gets inadvertently dragged on the ground after wins at global championships.

Some persons are of the view that Beyonce is simply marketing the island’s culture, a promotion that is priceless because her brand is global, and that the commercialisation of the black, green and gold, which is really yellow, has long been abused by many entities with no real consequence.

Questions are also being raised as to whether the outfit was made by a designer who has permission from the Bob Marley estate for the use of the singer’s image especially since they have been on recent campaigns to seek legal redress against unauthorised usage.