M.I.A. took to Twitter to respond to Diplo’s recent Billboard interview, denying that she ever apologized for criticizing him in Rolling Stone and demanding an apology to her “people.”

In an interview published Thursday (April 23), Diplo told Billboard that the two ex-lovers made amends after meeting up shortly after M.I.A. described him as “jealous” and “controlling” in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“I met her the next day at a hotel, and she apologized; I hadn’t seen her in five years,” Diplo said. “Nothing she said is a lie. I was really jealous and sad, and probably mad when she signed to a major label.”

Her reference to her “people” likely refers to the Tamil residents of Sri Lanka, who were subjected to mass murder and human rights abuses during the Sri Lankan Civil War.

“I don’t mind if he said bad stuff about me, but to discredit and to devalue what happened in Sri Lanka and with Tamil people during the war is something that is a bit disgusting,” she told Rolling Stone. “Because there were real consequences to that article, where people died, real shit happened, and people are still going through it.”

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