Before Nicki Minaj became a superstar with YMCMB, she was part of a group called Hoodstars along with ex-boyfriend Scaff B (aka Safaree), Lou$tar, and 7even Up. In a recent interview with 7even he discussed his history with the rapper then known as Nicki Maraj.

The conversation included 7even talking about the response he got from Nicki after he came home from jail. He says they remained connected while he was incarcerated, but things were different once his time locked up was over. Issues with money played a role in the situation, and he initially avoided trying to contact Nicki.

By this time, the Queens rhymer had already connected with Lil Wayne’s Young Money, and she was building a buzz in the industry. According to 7even, he got a cold response from Nicki when he finally saw her again.

“When I saw her she acted like she didn’t even know me. That’s how I felt,” said 7even. “I was like at least acknowledge me. It hurt more than anything.”

7even says Nicki later called him and apologized. She also allegedly offered him money. 7even believes Safaree was upset over his continued friendship with $tar. Nicki and $tar had had a falling out at some point, and Safaree (Nicki’s boyfriend at the time) blocked her from reuniting with 7even.

“Sometimes people give you money to get rid of you. So now I can’t say she didn’t do nothing for me,” 7even added. “I didn’t even wanna take the money. That was not the purpose.”

Apparently, it was 7even’s mother that convinced him to take the undisclosed amount of money from Nicki. In another revealing moment, 7even claimed at one point in her life, Nicki was wanted by the law for a serious crime.

“She was on the run for attempt murder,” said 7even. “Facts. I’ll keep it a buck. I ain’t saying nothing wrong. She stayed at my crib at the time.”

Do you believe 7even or is he just looking to make a dollar off of Nicki’s back?