Just a day after Amber Rose was photo’d out with Machine Gun Kelly, Wiz Khalifa’s verse on Rico Love’s “Somebody Else” dropped and he really made the song cry.

Wiz hopped on Rico Love’s “Somebody Else” remix with a peace offering for his ex and had this to say,

“Thought I had it/ All the magic I could imagine/ Then it all went tragic/ Automatically I’m the bad one/ I was only doing us/ I gave you everything, a kid and a house/ And a wedding ring/ And now you talkin’ ’bout how you could do better things/How did we get this way?/Why do you entertain that bullsh-t?/Why do you even care what Instagram has to say?/Now when you see me we don’t act the same/Smiling on TV trying to hide the pain/An empty seat where you used to be with me on the plane/An empty hole in my heart/ Will I ever love again?/ You had your way and you know it/ I’ve spent a lot of time in the past/ Thinkin’ bout how we could have lasted.”

This is contrary to what Usher had to say on the song about his ex, Tameka Foster. Usher sounds almost relieved when he sings,

“Im really hoping that she finds somebody else/ She be all in to the drama/ but I just want us to be close/ she all about the commotion/ I swear she got a heart of stones/Can’t turn back time.