Brad Pitt’s been caught stepping out around New Orleans this past week with a freshly-bruised face. Brad says it’s from a common household accident…but the rumor mill is swirling that Angelina Jolie actually delivered the fade his way after finding out some info about her husband she didn’t like.

Apparently the trouble started when Brad shared details of a wild party he attended without Angie last summer, as an inside source shared with InTouch Magazine:

“Brad casually told Angelina he was naked and shared joins with some friends in the hot tub, as if it was no big deal. Angie couldn’t believe her ears. She still has a lot of wild child in her, but she’s very territorial and jealous when it comes to Brad and other women.”

Well considering how she got him…that isn’t shocking. But on top of Brad’s naked revelation, Angelina has been catching whiffs of ganja smoke on Brad’s clothes lately — even though she previously made him promise he’s put the mary jane down and focus on their legion of children now that they’re growing up:

“She truly believed Brad when he swore to her more than a year ago that his days of getting stoned were long behind him.”

Brad’s face was seen bruised up about five days after Angelina touched down in New Orleans…but Brad says he “fell up the stairs.” Of course it’s all hearsay and speculation, but Angie’s been in a delicate state since her recent surgery…so is it possible that she slapped him up after getting a little frustrated with his behavior?