Dancehall has finally found some form of reconciliation. Legend and godfather of the industry, Bounty Killer aka Grung Gad, recently took to Instagram to voice his appreciation of a certain artist, which surprised a lot of person.

The fued that arose when the lyrical Vybz Kartel severed ties from the Bounty lead camp, Alliance, washed over many a Dancehall artists and created enemies where allies used to lie. This feud segregated the industry.

As is known, Vybz Kartel has been sentenced to life in prison, but it appears that he is greatly missed by persons who once considered themselves enemies of the Gaza. Mavado recently announced that Kartel is to feature on his new hot single Never Going Back Broke, in his interview he also mentioned that the feud they had was purely lyrical and they are actually friends.

Grung Gad took to his Instagram page to personally voice how sad it is that Addi has been incarcerated. He refers to Addi and himself as the “two baddest since Ninja Man and Cobra, the baddest for the 90s and the baddest for 2000s”. This is shocking to many but they commended him for speaking up and ‘bigging up’ Vybz Kartel.

Bounty also makes reference to Addi as his son and addresses his demise by saying that “Jah naah give us more than we can bear still”.

Bounty can be seen at a host of parties bursting blanks and dancing up a storm to Vybz Kartel songs