Looking hot is the best revenge.

In her first music video since she caught her fiancé, the rapper Future, cheating on her, Ciara rocks a leotard so scorching, it makes Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” outfit look like granny panties

The lyrics for the video’s song, “I Bet,” rail against a guy who strays.

“The song is definitely inspired by my real-life experience,” Ciara says. “When you believe in yourself and you always give 100% in a relationship, you’re very confident in the value of your love. But for some people, there’s that feeling that the grass is always greener.”

Ciara broke up with Future just three months after she gave birth to the couple’s son — Future Zahir Wilburn — last May.

Ciara’s first album since the birth — “Jackie,” out Tuesday — ends with a cooing ballad about the baby titled “I Got You.”

But that’s her only sop to motherhood. Every other song finds Ciara getting very down and very dirty.

“Boy do you like it when I’m sticking that a– up,” she teases in “That’s How I’m Feeling.”

“Tonight we gonna do it/I’ll be your freak,” she promises in “Lullaby,” while in “Stuck On You,” she vows “I’m not gonna stop until you scream my name.”

“This album is about fun,” the singer says. “It’s coming from a happy, positive place.”

That’s one way of putting it.

When pressed about the relentless carnality of it, Ciara laughs, “For me, it’s about personality.”

On one level, that has always been true for a singer. She began her career in 2004 with the high-attitude, “crunk” hit “Goodies.” The lyrics found her lording her hotness over drooling, frustrated suitors.

Ciara’s record company marketed her as the first lady of randy crunk-n-b. In the years since, she has kept her sexuality in the forefront, titling one album “Basic Instinct,” a reference to the Sharon Stone classic.

The new album features the most upbeat, and fun, music of Ciara’s career. But, inevitably, some will see its sweaty lyrics as a way of telling Future, “See what you’re missing?”

He wouldn’t need a song to see that. Last month, Ciara was spotted with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson at a Mariners game in Seattle. In an interview, the singer wouldn’t confirm or deny the connection, laughing, “I’m having an amazing time right now in life, that I can tell you” — but Ciara and Wilson were joined at the hip as they attended Monday’s state dinner at the White House together.

Ciara denies that she’s stepping out publicly as a way of dissing Future. “I don’t believe in being vengeful, or trying to send a message to someone,” she says. “You waste your energy that way. But I am confident.”

Some of that empowerment comes from her mother Jackie, for whom the album is named.

“My mom is a very tough woman,” she says. “I feel like a mini-Jackie. I have to be tough in my work environment and tough in the world.”

Giving birth gave her extra confidence. “After pushing out a baby I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do. I really feel like I can conquer the world.”

Already, she won her battle to lose the baby weight. “I lost 60 pounds – SIX O,” she emphasizes, having accomplished that feat in just three and a half months.

“I definitely won’t be gaining 60 pounds with my next baby, I can tell you that,” she says. “This time, I ate everything I wanted. I’ll never do that again.”

Even co-parenting with the man from whom she bitterly split hasn’t been a problem, she says. “When having a child, it’s not about his father and I,” Ciara says. “It’s about the child. We’re adults.”

Either way, the setbacks in her life seem only to have emboldened her.

“I’ve had my ups. I’ve had my downs, but I’ve been able to push through every obstacle that’s been thrown my way,” she says. “It’s my time.”