Lately, Floyd Mayweather has gained a reputation for two other things outside of his flourishing boxing career: flaunting all of his money and alleged domestic violence issues.

In an episode of We Need To Talk, which premieres on the CBS Sports Network with Dana Jacobson, Katrina Adams, Amy Trask, and championship boxer, Laila Ali, the ladies discussed why they believed he gets a pass on the stand against domestic violence. Ali took the conversation further when she expressed that the millions of dollars he brings in plays a part in the “broken person” she sees in him.

“I see a broken person,” she said without any malice in her voice. “I know when you have money and you have ‘power’ and you have all these yes people around you, sometimes you don’t have that person to pull you aside and give it to you straight. So every once in awhile, I’m just like, ‘You know what? I need to reach out to Floyd and I need to have a conversation with him.’ Because I don’t hate him. I dislike the way that he acts. I dislike the way that he treats people. And obviously, I’m definitely not down with this beating on women, because that’s very cowardly. But…he needs somebody to reach out to him and guide him.”