Billboard has published its list of the highest paid musicians of the year and the first Hip Hop artist on the 2014 edition is Jay Z at #9.

The publication reports Jay Z’s total estimated revenue in 2014 at $22 million built up from $1.2 million in sales, just over $19 million from touring, and less than a million dollars each in publishing and streaming. Notably, Beyonce comes in just a few spots down the list at #12 with an estimated revenue of $19.6 million. Beyonce put up higher dollar amounts than her husband in each of the categories except touring where she earned an estimated $14.8 million.

Eminem clocked in at #20 with the “highest streaming royalties on this list” and the second highest publishing, according to Billboard. Thanks to a joint-tour with Rihanna, Em netted $5.2 million in touring and on his own made just over $4 million from music sales.

Despite not releasing an album last year, Drake found himself at #21 with an estimate total revenue of $10.6 million, largely built up from $7.7 million in box office sales.

Rihanna managed to make the list herself at #32 after showing up at #20 last year.