A Texas woman discovered a small quantity of cocaine inside of her granola bar wrapper, authorities say.

According to the KENS 5, Cynthia Rodriguez of San Antonio was given a Nature Valley granola bar from a promotional staff member back in March. Rodriguez told KENS 5 that she initially thought she had won a prize, but quickly discovered that the small bag was likely an illegal substance:

She called Nature Valley and a company representative told her to report the incident to her local police department.

Rodriguez said an officer and a detective first tested the substance to see if it was heroin. The detective then tested it for cocaine.

He tried for cocaine and they both looked at each other and he goes oh my goodness, its high quality cocaine, said Rodriguez.
KENS 5 reports that police in San Antonio seized the box the bars came in, the individual wrapper, and the cocaine as evidence. They’re presently trying to figure out the same thing everyone else is: how the cocaine got inside of the wrapper. Meanwhile, Rodriguez remains relieved that the granola bar in question wasn’t discovered by her 11 grandchildren.

The investigation into the origin of the cocaine continues.