A legion of celebrities from around the world flocked to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday night for what will certainly go down as one of the most well-chaperoned dances in boxing history.

Aside from occasionally not leaving room for the Holy Spirit, both Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao made nice, and the event passed without bloodshed or incident. Strangely enough, it appears the closest anyone at the MGM came to seeing a brawl was after the match in the casino’s parking lot, where Michael Jordan found himself interposing in a heated spat between a man and his security detail.

Complex.com’s Chris Yuscavage spotted video of Jordan attempting to calm down a man who had an issue with one of the Charlotte Hornets owner’s bodyguards.

YouTube user delfunkboy posted the footage. A scrap does appear imminent as Jordan wades in to sort things out.

According to delfunkboy, the angry man was upset over being pushed by one of Jordan’s bodyguards. The uploader also notes how effective Jordan was in stopping a potentially violent scenario from playing out:

We thought it was powerful how Michael Jordan quelled a situation that was going to get out of hand real fast if he had not stepped in. Michael Jordan was actually protecting his bodyguard… That goes to show Michael Jordan’s power and influence off the court.

Yuscavage writes the man yelled he’s a “Piru,” a faction of the Bloods street gang. Whether that’s true, we don’t know. What we do know is being approached by Michael Jordan would make pretty much anyone chill out and focus on other things. His fame supersedes and stops all other activities in its immediate vicinity.

In fact, the only thing Jordan couldn’t stop in this moment was the videographer filming it vertically. Alas, some things are immutable.