If you mess with Lil Wayne, you mess with Game.

During a show in new Orleans on Tuesday night, May 5, the rapper stood up for Weezy by dissing Young Thug.

“Anybody fucking with Tune, they got a f—-n’ problem with me,” he said. “I will f–k Young Thug up.”

He continues to threaten anyone who says (or said) “f–k Wayne,” saying, “I dare a pu–y n—a walk through California and say ‘f–k Wayne.'”

During Lil Wayne’s April Release Partiez show in Columbus, Ohio, he dissed Young Thug, saying “Ain’t no motherf—-n’ such thing as Carter 6. And anytime y’all book them bitch ass n—-s to come up in this motherf—a, before they say one word, you let them know Tunechi said, ‘suck my d–k!'”.