The 2015 Billboard Music Awards are a little less than a week away, and while music’s biggest stars prep for their night in Vegas, hosts Ludacris and the hilarious Chrissy Teigen are putting the finishing touches on what will surely be a grand evening.

Billboard caught up with the duo in between rehearsing for the May 17 event and asked them about some of the best and worst things they’ve noticed at all the award shows they’ve attended.

Teigen, 29, is known for her smart mouth (her hubby even said so in his super-sweet ballad “All of Me”) was honest and said despite rubbing elbows with music and Hollywood’s best, she completely looses it around one celebrity.

“[Beyonce] is the only person on the planet who I just completely shut down around,” Teigen says. “John does it as kind of a joke now. He’ll be like, ‘Can you come say hi?’ I think he likes to see me completely weak.”

There is one celebrity Teigen was instructed not to touch.

“I sat by Grumpy Cat once,” Teigen says. “You know that cat everyone is obsessed with? That’s pretty random. She’s not allowed to be touched. Are you kidding? You can’t put a cat next to me and expect me not to touch it.”

It only takes Luda five minutes to get ready while it takes John Legend’s better half close to three hours. (Sounds about right)

The Billboard Music awards will air live Sunday, May 17 at the MGM Grand with performances from Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey and more.