The neon-tinged nostalgia of the 90s has grown some remarkable legs in the past few years, effectively making all of us feel very old and super young all at once. The latest exhibit in the 90s Ghost Takeover is the DNA-tainted blue Gap dress which played a crucial role in the Monica Lewinsky / Bill Clinton scandal — a pre-Twitter media sh*t show that emerged in 1998 and captivated a country.

The infamous dress invaded headlines last year following a $250,000 offer to Lewinsky from the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, a facility wholly “dedicated to sexuality education through the arts.” Though the likelihood of Lewinsky still having the only Gap dress in history to ever be considered truly valuable in her possession seems profoundly low, the museum has now presented a far more serious offer — $1 million dollars.

EHM executive director Victoria Hartmann says she hopes to include the dress in an exhibit “examining the private relationships of people in power, gender dynamics, and politics.” The exhibit serves to bring awareness to the “complexities of sexual relationships and how they are perceived by Americans, especially when it involves those we put our trust in as leaders.”