According to multiple sources, a storage unit in North Hollywood owned by Demi Moore was recently burglarized. Moore’s assistant visited the unit earlier this week to find that at least $200,000 worth of property had been lifted from the premises, reportedly including a large amount of “high-end designer clothing.” Public Storage owns and operates the property, maintaining that the lock system on the unit was “fully intact.”

Moore’s incident, though significantly higher in dollars and cents than the average storage unit heist, is indicative of a larger trend among storage unit companies. According to ABC, over 11 million Americans currently use storage units (as of 2013) — and theft is an increasingly prominent reality facing customers. An independent study undertaken by KHOU-TV in 2013 appeared to reveal that storage units owned and operated by Public Storage were more likely to to be “hot spots for self-storage crime.”

According to People, Public Storage offered no further comment on Moore’s case. “We do not comment on tenants’ units for security purposes,” a spokesperson said in a statement.