Well, Well the drama was being served up hot and fresh this Mother’s Day, Blac Chyna’s mom,Tokyo Toni went on Instagram to blast Tyga and his family for throwing all that shade toward her daughter. She didn’t take the disrespect lightly and quite a few things to say. Read more of her rant after the jump.

Blac Chyna’s mom aka Ms. Toni was pissed off about the things Tyga’s family had to say about her daughter since Tyga has been dating reality star Kylie Jenner. Earlier this week Tyga’s grandma said she thinks Tyga is better off without Blac Chyna and that he adores Kylie.

Well Ms. Toni did not appreciate what they had to say and came for everyone’s neck this morning. She even went as far as to call Tyga a pervert due to the age difference between Tyga and Kylie.

She also wanted to make it be known that Chyna is ‘self made.’ In one of her many posts this morning she wrote,

Chyna is SELF MADE!!!! No one gave her shit!!!! She been this way all her life!!! #take a note ( Graduated and went to college”) bloomed into a real woman/ mother!! @ no on have her shit!!! not me!! not Tyga !! She worked her ASS OFF !!!! And still is!! Raising a son and is a great mom!!! She is an Angel and I be damned if I am letting this go unsaid “SHE IS SELF MADE” @entrepreneur !! Call me her MOM” I am her mom and NO ONE WILL DISRESPECT HER and think I ain’t going to say Nothing! Chyna is reserved and chilled ” IM NOT” and can care less about these fluke ” Money grubbing” bitches!! If Kylie didn’t do her lips ass tits etc!!TYGA BE WITH HER SISTER on the low!! “# iwillnotbequiet

The news about Kylie’s lips came out earlier this week but did she have more work done than she let on…Hmmmm? Could that be true? Is Tyga messing with one of Kylie’s sisters? Oh boy ! We’ll have to stay tuned this doesn’t seem like it will end well.

After Ms. Toni went off on a rant on her own page she proceeded to comment on Tyga’s page and come for his grandmother. She even went as far as to threaten to ‘cut the limbs off your granny mouth’ Woah.

This Tyga and Kylie situation is just messy all the way around.