Former rapper and now VLAD TV commentator, Lord Jamar – who’s known for telling it like it is – says that though Pharrell has “done a lot of f*cking great songs within hip-hop,” the producer “doesn’t get a pass” for wearing “the funny green boots” in Chanel’s latest advertisement.

“I don’t give a f*ck how much that sh*t you got on cost, you look f*cking crazy, B,” he states.

Female artist Azealia Banks also joked on Williams’ attire, calling him “Puss in Boots” on Instagram, and now Lord Jamar has also decided to add his two cents and just wants to know “where do you draw the line?”

Admitting that Pharrell has “always been a little weird,” the Brand Nubian rapper adds that Pharrell has always been into that “White boy sh*t.” “When you get to a certain tier of money,” Lord Jamar begins, “and they start inviting you to these exclusive parties, trust me, I know some crazy sh*t is going on in there.”

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