Is Kylie’s puffin’ and passing finally serving as a wake-up call to her oblivious family? As one of Kylie’s “pals” shared with, her family doesn’t necessarily think she’s wild and out of control (like the rest of the world does), but a few of them are starting to get worried about how much influence Tyga has over the baby of the family:

“A lot of Tyga’s friends are enablers. That makes her mom the most nervous. She doesn’t want Kylie getting off track.”

“Her parents know she is going to date who she wants, but they are worried he will have a negative impact on her decision-making.”

So their teenage daughter is dating a grown-azz man…and they JUST connected the dots that he might be molding her mind on some things? SMH.

The source also says that Kylie is getting more and more hype about being seen as sexy, like her older sisters:

“She’s become a perfectionist because she feels like she needs to be just as sexy as her other siblings, specifically Kendall and Khloé. She doesn’t feel inadequate next to them, but she’s willing to do whatever she can to herself to make her feel like she’s looked at by the public in the same way.”

“[She] is obsessed with the attention and knows that acting a little scandalous here and there will keep her in the spotlight.”

Looks like this relationship might be doing both of them more harm than good right now. But does any of this sudden concern matter if no one plans to do anything about it? Kylie’s moving out in a few months anyway…