Youth Minister and Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna has had to fight many battles in her relatively young political career.

The latest challenge faced by Hanna sees Comrades in her St Ann South East constituency demanding that she be replaced before the next general election. Three of the four sitting PNP councillors in the constituency, held since 2007 by Hanna, wants her out as MP.

In the face of adversity, Hanna has turned to a woman who is no stranger to battles – her boss, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

Hanna took to social media to share some advice she received from ‘Mama P’.

“My Prime Minister is a stealthy politician has given me helpful advice on many issues. Here is one that I will share with all of you. ‘Smile and enjoy your life, life is too short…people will always have something negative to say about you and will fight you in all things… So no matter what, even in the political battles, smile and laugh…your enemies hate it…” Hanna said on Instagram.

Many Hanna followers appeared impressed by the simple, yet powerful message.