Beyonce recently traveled to Haiti to assist the United Nations on a humanitarian mission on the Caribbean country.

With her organization, BeyGOOD, the highly awarded vocalist visited towns throughout the country and assisted people with food, water, and other necessary resources including medical attention from the UN’s doctors.

Following the devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010, Haiti has slowly tried to stabilize its economy across all spectrums. This result has left residents in a state of poverty, lack of substantial shelter, and adequate plumbing which has led to a cholera outbreak.

The UN also concludes the rapid spread of the disease in Haiti has been the “largest in recent world history.” According to Pedro Medrano Rojas, the UN’s senior coordinator for cholera response in Haiti, organizations are calling for more international support to prevent the steady rise of this disease.

“The cholera epidemic in Haiti is still a humanitarian emergency that requires urgent attention,” Rojas said in German newspaper Wiener Zeitung. How would we react if any other country forecasted 28,000 cases of cholera for 2015?”