Rick Ross’s video for the Hood Billionaire single “Movin’ Bass,” released back in March, is now at the center of a potentially profitable lawsuit. According to the high-class gods over at TMZ, photographer Armen Djerrahian is suing the Maybach Music Group mogul and parent label Def Jam for all profits related to the video and employing a possible court order to block the image from being used again in the future.

The image in question — Jay holding up the Roc sign at a show in 2003 — appears in the Ryan Snyder-directed video for a miniscule amount of time, only visible for a few seconds during a montage sequence. According to Djerrahian’s suit, he was never contacted about the photograph’s use in Ross’s video and was not credited in any fashion.

Of course, proper accreditation has grown increasingly tricky in our post-Instagram world — with the role of the author and originator often obscured by sharing, chopping, remixing, and other forms of creative alteration. As this lawsuit proves, however — the inherent issue of authorship isn’t going to dissolve anytime soon.