Jay Z filled the rafters of New York’s 3,000-capacity Terminal 5, one of the smallest venues the stadium-frequenting rapper has played in years, to dip into his 20-year catalog for “Tidal X: Jay Z B-Sides” on Saturday, May 16.

But even Hov himself knew the thought on the minds of even his most loyal fans: was Tidal just a scheme to make rich artists like himself and 15 of his fellow superstars richer?

“So I’m the bad guy now, huh?” Jay Z said with his famous chuckle, not even 20 minutes into the set.

Though he recently addressed his critics at an April 2 NYU talk and in a recent series of tweets hashtagged #TIDALFACTS, Jay expanded his thoughts in a mini-speech that soon turned into a full-fledged freestyle.

“I’m never gonna go with the flow, I’m never gonna let nobody take over our music,” Jay Z began. “I see shit that maybe you don’t so that the people out there can get it tomorrow. This Tidal thing is all about the music. We gonna preserve the music, we ain’t gonna let nobody take our music. We ain’t gonna let nobody offer our music up and do what the fuck they wanna do. Don’t ever go with the flow — be the flow.”