Former Portmore Empire artiste Lisa Hyper raised eyebrows a few weeks ago with an aggressive performance at the M.I.A awards where she appeared to throw words in an aggressive manner towards former label mate, Gaza Slim, who was in the audience at the time.

“When me a perform onstage, mi see her mouth and eyes open wide but she nah say nothing. Slim need fi understand herself. Basically, I am not trying to bully her but Vanessa knows what she did. She don’t give me or Shorty the respect, and mi a demand my respect from her because the risks I would take for my career, she would never take them,” she said.

Lisa Hyper recently inked a 360 deal handling her publishing, performances and bookings with the well-known independent label, All Faces Entertainment, known for its bouncy ‘riddims’ and its exclusive singles with artistes such as Sizzla, Flexx and Mavado.

She has been generating a buzz with her latest single Ah My Man That. A video for the project was also released.

Lisa Hyper is upset that Gaza Slim has not given her the respect as an older, more accomplished artiste in the music industry.

“I approached her at HYPE TV in 2012 and asked her how she could be disrespecting me, when in 2008 before she meet Kartel, she came to my house where my father lived and acted like a fan, like she respected and loved my music. So how come now that is in Empire, she is talking things about me behind my back. Why disrespect me? Just be a star and take the opportunity, why huff and puff and yu don’t bun weed?”

An eyewitness to that 2012 incident reported that Lisa Hyper warned her that “Addi only love Shorty, and the same ting him do me, him ah go do you” and offered to box her in her face. Gaza Slim did not respond at the time.

She added that Gaza Slim merely got the chance to be a star because Lisa Hyper had already left the Empire.

“Slim need to know that the songs that she sing when she was in the Empire were all my songs dem, ah my songs dem she sing, all those songs would have been written for me. She need fi stop hype because ah me name Lisa Hyper,” she said.

Asked if she and Gaza Slim were beefing over Kartel, she responded:

“It’s not Kartel we are arguing about, or else in my new hit song, ‘Ah My Man That’, I wouldn’t have said “love me like how Addi love Shorty”, if me and Kartel were still in things. I am happily, happily, happily involved. I have been there and done that.”

Lisa Hyper has been performing consistently overseas, and she is booked to appear this Sunday at the Red Bull park show alongside Assassin, Kranium, Tifa and Ricky Blaze in Fort Green Park in New York. She is booked to appear at a fish fry in Hanover on May 24th, a club show on August 7th in St Maarten, and another club show in Toronto on July 10th.