Wiz Khalifa is known for being a big supporter and user of marijuana. The Pittsburgh rhymer’s appreciation for the green nearly got him taken into custody before the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.

Wiz decided to light up while on the award show’s red carpet. A Las Vegas police officer noticed the action and approached the rapper. According to professional photographer Jeff Kravitz, the cop told Wiz, “Do not light that in my face again or we will take a ride downtown.”

Wiz posted a picture of being confronted by the officer to his Instagram page. The photo’s caption suggested the cop just nicely asked Wiz to put out the weed, and he complied.

Wiz was not taken into custody. He went on to perform twice during the ceremony at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The Taylor Gang frontman hit the stage with Fall Out Boy for a performance of “Uma Thurman,” and Wiz was later joined by Charlie Puth for his #1 single “See You Again.”