As Vincy Mas 2015 heats up and well on its way. Fya Empress has teamed up with Phillip “Wetty-Beats” Bastien, who resides and works out of France/Paris, to create a track, which is suited to appease the appetite of the feting Soca lovers around the world. The Zouk based “More Mas Riddim” will feature one of SVG’s powerful female voices, Shaunelle Mc Kenzie and the ever so versatile, Vinci Soca Queen Fya Empress, with her rendition “Jagabats”! As she recognizes the group of feters who jump and wave so hard when their favorite song and artiste comes on stage that they look like what her Aunt use to call “Party Jagabats”. Who are simply good, sane people. whom when they get Loud, Wild, Wreckless and Tusty in their various parties and on the road, transforms into Party Animals, Monsters, “Jagabts”, when the spirit of Soca music gets into their energetic system! Lornette “Fya Empress” Nedd Reid, Wetty-Beats, DNyce Music and GMB Entertainment wrote “Jagabats”. The hype and vibes flowed through the studio on the night Fya Empress executed her vocal recording while the melodies and lyrics of this track took over the night’s ambience! “Jagabats” on “Wetty-Beats “More Mas riddim. will be released to all DJ’s and radios today!!!