The battle between female dancehall entertainers Spice and Lady Saw reached fever pitch last night. In a tweet to Spice, Lady Saw said:

When you call me bout dippy (duppy) a run down u son in him sleep me tell you get a choice fi pray and you seh u a go a obeah man

Spice hit back at Lady Saw and told her that her four (4) year old son can teach her how to read, after pointing out the typographical error in the word ‘dippy’.
The personal attacks by Spice rained on twitter attracting hundreds of retweet. Spice tweeted to an unresponsive Lady Saw

By the way John John say a the renking sent (scent) make him always a stray

Spice was heavily criticised online because she made the grammatical error of typing sent rather than scent.

As if that wasn’t enough, Spice told Lady Saw that she was bad mind and evil, and as a consequence, God did not blessed her with any children. She used the hashtag #WitchOfDancehall to end her tweet.

Realising how bad the situation was turning out to be, fans of both artists urged Spice to cease the personal attacks, she replied by saying, “unu stop tell me fi done cause a mi granny fuss trouble mi.”

Earlier, Spice said that Lady Saw was bad mind after she went up on stage before her at a show in Florida on Sunday.