If you need proof of the power of Twitter, look no further than Idris Elba.

The Golden Globe-winning actor has hopped on a remix of British rapper Skepta’s “Shutdown” after tweeting his request to join the track in March. Elba told the young MC to “put me on the remix!!!! Cus I SHUT DOWN prime TV on the regular.”

Skepta obliged and upon release, the track flew to No. 1 on the Billboard + Twitter Trending 140. Thus far, the collaboration has proven an instant smash with online audiences. In its first day on Soundcloud, the remix has raced to more than 200,000 plays.

Elba feels right at home on the track, dropping fiery lines “It’s OK cause I’m acting like I’m rapping, but I’m slapping my bleep into them faces of them haters while I’m cashin’ in.” Observant fans will also catch Elba sliding in references to Stringer Bell, Nelson Mandela and John Luther — all roles that the actor has performed with acclaim on either film or television.