Everybody knows that if you’re partying with Diddy then you are bound to have an epic night ! So should come as no surprise that when he decided to attend a UCLA “Project X” themed party, the music mogul turned the f*ck up!

Apparently, Diddy forgot that his son was at the party too and went ham! He lost his boxers and jumped into the pool from the roof! Girrrrrl, talk about an eggplant Friday!

We guess after sobering up and realizing what he had did, Diddy took full responsibility of his behavior and apologized to his son for it…kind of:

” I wanted to publically apologise to my son @princejdc for going to one of his parties at UCLA and embarrassing him by jumping from the top of the roof into the pool! But naked. While his student body looked on and off. Mesmerised! Impressed! I’m sorry son! It will happen again.” He O.D.’d on emojis, too, by the way.

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