Popular dancehall star Beenie Man seems to have borrowed a page from the book of his intermittent nemesis Bounty Killer whom many consider to be a front-runner when it comes to upholding the morals of Dancehall.
Last night at the popular Hot Spot Tuesdays a female patron was allegedly being coerced by actor and playwright Bad Boy Trevor along with a selector from Alaska sound system to remove her clothing as part of a strip tease for cash.
However, Beenie Man who was at the event would have none of it and quickly ran to the defense of the young lady, grabbing the microphone from the selector and began chiding him and the actor for their actions.
“ooyh! a weh oonu a do to dancehall music ..a freak oonu a freak out dancehall music… fiyaah..fiyaah.. s*ck p*ssy Trevor guh s*ck yuh mada.” At this point the crowd up-roared with loud cheers and laughter in support of the deejay.

Beenie then turned his attention to the sound system selectors and continued his fiery rant, “a weh oonu a do …a weh oonu a duh tun dancehall inna go-go club.. fiyaah… if yuh want see p*ssy man pay go inna go-go club go watch p*ssy .. ah dancehall man deh play music.”
Controversial deejay Kalado who was also in the house at the time added his voice to the saga stating, “thank God fi Beenie Man a while ago fi come save di dancehall to p*ssycl**t”.