With confident consistency, Morgan Freeman has proven himself to be one of American cinema’s greatest gifts to this inconsequential planet at large. Whether speaking candidly on his relationship with weed or his frustrations with cable news, Freeman repeatedly shatters the illusion that certified giants of cinema must remain irreversibly out of touch and consciously removed from the average human experience.

According to EW, Freeman will now explore vast portions of that experience in the new National Geographic series The Story of God — a series exploring the human need to “understand the divine.” In the series, Freeman will study the religious ceremonies and rituals of different cultures worldwide while also participating in lab tests designed to explore the three-way relationship between neuroscience, cosmology, and religion.

Freeman — who will also executive produce the series — released his own statement alongside the National Geographic announcement, calling the series a “personal” project:

“The story of God is one of the greatest mysteries and most important ideas in the world. For me, this is a personal and enduring quest to understand the divine, and I am humbled by the opportunity to take viewers along on this incredible journey.”