Rumors started on the Internet that Kanye West and Chuck E. Cheese had beef, but Mr. West recently chopped it up with Hot 97’s Ebro and Nessa to put it all to rest.

North’s daddy failed to bring his humility with him that morning, and in a very Kanye-like manner, shut down the rumor that he kicked a bunch of kids out of Chuck E. Cheese.

“So as far as Chuck E. Cheese and stuff like that, they should be paying me just to even be saying their name,” West said. “You saw evidence of where we go, we rented out a whole stadium, we not gonna be kicking nobody’s kids out of Chuck E. Cheese. I’m trying to stay off the carbs, I’m not even trying to eat pizza. What I’ma do at Chuck E. Cheese?”

After clearing up the Chuck E. Cheese debacle, ‘Ye dropped a few details about the current status of his upcoming album SWISH and said he’s working, but not rushing it.

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