DANCEHALL artiste Gully Bop has dropped another music video. This time, it’s the track called Miss Hottie Hottie, a collaboration with United Kingdom-based reggae artiste Dutch. Miss Hottie Hottie was recorded, produced, and filmed in England.

Tony Ra of 2DMP directed the music video in London while Gully Bop went on his first international tour. Dutch and Gully Bop had a reunion after not seeing each other for many years, resulting in a modern creation with a retro feel.

“Me and Bop go way back. It’s a good feeling to see him again and celebrate his success.

We wrote and recorded the song in no time for Crazy Rock Music. This video is of an old-fashion vibe, even the wardrobe. The ska bass line and rhythms make it all magical,” said Dutch.

Gully Bop is equally jubilant about the release. “This combination song with me and Dutch — dah song ya bad! Dis song yah name old-time someting come back again.

Di real ting me a talk ‘bout. Me a talk ‘bout ska. Feel good to do real authentic music that a guh live on,” he said. Gully Bop wrapped up his first European tour recently, after a month of promotion filled with appearances and performances.

He journeyed to events in Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.