Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s technically illegal romance is still going strong, less than two months away from her 18th birthday. While the countdown is still on to make their pervy-pedo union solid and acceptable in society, Tyga might be spilling the beans about how they spend their weekends and baecations just a little bit too early.

In a newly released track featuring Boosie called “Pleazer,” which samples equally dirty “Freaky Tales” by Too Short, Tyga describes in detail getting it in with the girl(s) in his life.

Here are a few of Tyga’s possibly suspect statutory lyrics:

“P*ssy is mental, it’s too good, I send for
Run up all in it, I’ma be here for a minute, b*tch..

This ain’t rap and rap ain’t this
Tell her, “Shut the f**k up and s*ck my d**k”
She a real d**k-pleaser, won’t you face my d**k

She likes d**k, d**k, d**k and nothin’ else but d**k
She eat it like candy or Swedish Fish
T-Nasty About to catch a felony for it. Vagina Juice like orange juice in the morning.”