The recent Summer Rave show in Philadelphia in The United States was sold out! The show which featured Alkaline, Dexta Daps and D ‘Angel was a hit but left a few patrons disappointed.

With the highs and lows from his last performance at the Best of The Best concert in Miami Florida, Alkaline proved to have more lows than highs on this show, with D Angel taking the show for the night.

The First Lady, often times underestimated, wasn’t initially booked for the show but made an appearance at the last minute. Being placed just before Alkaline on the line up D Angel delivered a mind blowing performance and her fans were in fact pleased.

The crowd roared in excitement as she performed some of her best singles including, ‘Hot Gyal a Road’, ‘Downtown Girl’ ‘Stronger’ and ‘First Lady’. Even at the end of her performance the crowd cheered and chanted her name signalling that they wanted more. D’Angel gave them a second dose of her high energy performance and then left the stage to make way for Alkaline.

D’Angel proved to be a tough act to follow for Alkaline. The audience did not respond with the same high spirits as they did with the First Lady. Alkaline reportedly left the stage when the audience failed to give him a cheerful response despite his many efforts to get their attention.