Usually the topic of controversy, dancehall artiste D’Angel is presently away on her NorthAmerican tour. D’Angel has been doing great and is demanding respect.

“I know the truth about my past but I have steered away from that negativity, and I wish that the media and public would do the same,” she said. “I’m so tired of being underestimated, I am grown and I demand my respect.”

D’Angel has had success over the years. She recently performed at Summer Day Rave in Philadelphia. She wasn’t initially booked for the show but made an appearance at the last minute.

Being placed just before Alkaline on the line-up D’Angel delivered a mind-blowing performance. Her fans were pleased.

The crowd roared in excitement as she performed some of her best singles including RampRuff, Downtown Girl, Stronger and First Lady. At the end of her performance, the crowd cheered and chanted her name, signalling that they wanted more. D’Angel gave them a second dose of her high-energy performance and before leaving the stage.

Among D’Angel’s other shows were, Tun up Thursdays, Washington DC, and Wifey vs Matey, in Florida.

“This tour has been amazing and I have no problems performing. When I see the reaction of my fans to my performances, I become energised and I want to give them more,” shared D’Angel. “I however can’t wait to go back home to Jamaica and share the same experience.”

The Hot Gyal A Road artiste is expected to return to Jamaica for a promotional run, along with making appearances on Jamaican stages before returning to the US to complete her six-month tour.

Her final show before her return will take her to Elks Lounge, Connecticut, July 11, for ‘D’Angel Invasion’.