Love you son and you know dat when you grow older you will understand the world u live in how could a woman get so much money monthly like 1500 to 2000 U.S.

Minimum Every month god send from you enter this world now this girl come chat shit makes no sense up to 3 days ago money was sent and I didn’t get a call until it’s dat time again anyway am not the kind of man to talk a lot but just don’t ever try to disrespect me with my kids remember I take you from the ghetto life when I was just coming up but its all good am always a great father to all my kids and you know it just remember you never every spend a dollar on dat kid that’s not mines you don’t work you never ever do.

How many times I’m in NY trying to go see him at his school every time it’s a different excuse after waiting hours either your mom pick him up or other family!