There is an ongoing war of words between Mavado and the mother of his son Gavyn, Gavisha. Who says that the entertainer has made a habit of sharing her son’s photos on Instagram and other social media websites but has been absent from major milestones in their son’s life like graduations and birthdays.

“It kills me that you want to finally call your son because it’s Father’s Day. What about the rest of the 364 days of the year when he’s trying to call you but gets no answer. Smh( Shake my head) if only people knew the real you,”said Gavesha
“Gavyn is getting big enough to say, Mommy I am tired of Daddy’s broken promises and Mom, why doesn’t daddy want me?” she added. “You put up pixs on IG like you’re the best father in the world.”
Mavado used Instagram to defend himself in which he said that, not only has he been a good father but he has also been financially supportive.
“3 days ago money was sent and I didn’t get a call until its dat time again,” said Mavado on Instagram
“Anyway am not the kind of man to talk a lot but just don’t ever try to disrespect me with my kids remember I take you from the ghetto life when I was just coming up but it’s all good am always a great father to all my kids,”added the entertainer
The entertainer also used the social media website to state that multiple times he has been to see his son at school where he was denied access.

“How many times I’m in NY trying to go see him at his school every time it’s a different excuse after waiting hours either your mom pick him up or other family,” said Mavado in closing.
Gavyn’s mother has hit back at Mavado..