It may come as a surprise that 18 year old Joel Sarono Waycliff Jack hated music as a child, but he did. He was one of those kids who gravitated more towards the exciting universe of video games. It was the musical stylings of the Jackson 5 and Luther Vandross that persuaded his mind to change, after which he began to explore other genres of music but it was hip hop that kept him.

Currently, Jojo is pursuing an associate’s degree in automotive repair technology, specializing in digital art & graphics designs. When he is not in the books, Jojo is in the studio working 12 hour days cutting ads and writing music.

His first song was called “Tonight,” a song he released after he was discovered by Mark Cyrus, or rather, Abuza – who heard him singing on the beach and introduced him to Mark. It was four years ago, but Jojo still remembers the experience of singing for Mark for the first time, an experience he describes as scary. Since then, he has forged a successful relationship with Mark with whom he attended various writer camp where he met numerous icons in the music industry..

While Jojo is a more experienced writer than he is a performer, he admits to love performing more. With Chris Brown, Nickleback and John Legend as his influences Jojo’s style lean more towards pop music than any other genre; this is evident in his release for Vincy Mas 2015, Soca Fetters. Jojo has had about 4 other releases: TGIF in 2013, Bumper Control in 2014 to name a few.

Thoughts of Vincy Mas is what inspired the song ‘Soca Fetters’ – The partying, liming and drinking with old friends and new friends. Jojo refers to it as a “Feel Good” song.

For the 2015 carnival season, Jojo is looking forward to getting more jobs and building his fan base. He plans to be instrumental in the revolution where soca music doesn’t stop after carnival. He eventually aims to prove that SVG has talent that can go global, he is determined to prove the naysayers wrong.

After carnival, Jojo has a numerous projects to be released, this includes collaborations with New Stars and Keith Currency. He also expressed a willingness to work with artistes interested in creating music alternative to Soca. Jojo plans to tour the world performing and writing for prestigious artistes.

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